Saturday, August 30, 2008

New music Releases August 2008

Worldwide Visual And Audios, Inc.
Steve Dressler releases to 3 cds on &

"Mind Transport" Cd

"Voices" & "Detour On The Rocks"

"Unknown Lead Guitarist jams to "Horses' soundtrack
from "Detour On The Rocks". Lead guitarist sounds a little bit
like Jimmy Page+ Steve Dressler on rhythm guitar.

"Voices" and "Mind Transport" soundtracks video presentations
3 videos with "Voices" soundtracks
3 videos with "Mind Transport" soundtracks @

"73 of my videos on"
Greece,NYC Biking, Sunset on the Hudson River NYC, Full Moon NYC

Finally wonderful comments on
on 3 of Mind Transport's 12 soundtracks:

1. Mello On The Yellow Brick Road
2. Oasis
3. Oow Ou' Vous Sont

Original Website
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180 enlarged graphic prints

Enjoy the new releases & related links!


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